Password Management


You may check your current password state:

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You may change your password:

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New Password *
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Please note, that new password will be applied in 30 minutes!

* Note! Your new password that will be used in Domain, Jira and WIKI and must meet following complexity requirements:
1) Length should be not less than 8 symbols (10 recommended)
2) You should not enter any of your old passwords as a new one
3) Passwords cannot contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed three consecutive characters. If user's name/last name is shorter than three chracters - it cannot be used at all.
4) Symbols of all three groups should be used:
5) For security reasons, Umanager presents the same error message upon two separate problems:
      * Bad (incorrect) old password.
      * Bad new password.

Verifying the existing password prior to changing it guarantees that you will change the password quickly and efficiently - provided that your account has not expired. If your account has "just" expired (i.e. it was not disabled by the EIS MIS department,) you still can change the password and reactivate the account, but you cannot verify the existing password prior to changing it.

Umanager is the only conduit for password management. Please do not try to use WIKI and Jira built-in password management mechanisms.